• Platinum Republic was established to be a platform that enables individuals between the ages 18-35 to showcase their talents, entrepreneurial abilities, and creative ambitions.  

    Our aim is to provide avenues of exposure for consistent and persistent and undiscovered acts. We look to attract an audience of senior high school pupils and Undergraduate University Students who will carry the new era of the entertainment industry in a developing country like South Africa.

    Providing exposure for young people in South Africa doesn’t only open opportunities for them to be discovered for their talents but it also inspires young people who are talented in their own disciplines as they can see that other young people are putting in the hard work and getting recognition for the hours they put in.

    Upon providing exposure for talented hopefuls we promote and sell products or services that the acquired talent has to offer.

     As a team, we have very relevant and appealing social media experience.

    Our experience was earned whilst generating and marketing local content produced by and for our target audience.

    We also offer;



    • Brand equity reports 
    • Social media account management
    • Website Designing and Website Hosting
    • Photography and event coverage


    Request a Quote on any of the above items by email or call us directly.
    When doing business with us, expect us to procure the best personnel you and your business needs.

    We will manage the entire process for you and ensure that your convenience is a priority without compromising quality. 

    Welcome home and have a great stay!


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